Hey everyone,

As you know, MineDroid has had a revamp to make the server more lightweight, more clean, and more enhanced.

Yes, we did have to reset the islands, but it had to be done, or else the server would have had to stay the same, and everyone loves a little change after a while.

A new spawn has been implemented, more fit together instead of lots of separate warps. I've put as many things in the spawn as I can to prevent /warp from being commended, basically so transportation is not as divided as it was before.

Voting is still the same as it is, although I will be putting event crates in. I took the special crates out that you can purchase in the store mainly because lots of players complained to me it would be unfair if they got something very common in a super rare crate, so to make everything fair again, I have taken it out.

/kit and /is (short for /island) are now GUI's, and I plan to make /warp a GUI too.

Yes, we are short on advertising funds. Which is why we plan to gain a small player base and with those small funds, we can spend on small advertisements and work our way up from there.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, or comments in general, please leave them in this thread so I know what to improve.